What is a Solar Loan and how can it be used?

  • RCU's Solar Loan can be used to purchase solar panels and installation from a reputable solar dealer.

Who is eligible for a Solar Loan?

  • Solar Loans are available on owner-occupied residences in California.

Is the interest paid on Solar Loans tax deductible?

  • No, solar loan interest is not tax deductible. Instead, Members may be eligible for government rebates for purchasing the solar loan panels. Members should speak with a tax professional about potential rebates.

I received a government rebate - can I apply it to my RCU Solar Loan?

  • Yes! RCU will accept a one-time lump sum payment toward your loan. Providing that the payment is equal to or more than 6 months of payments and is a government tax rebate, your payment can be re-calculated based on the original term and rate