Spending Money

All Aboard! Spending "smart" can make the difference between retiring when you're 60 and retiring when you're 70, and the sooner you start the better. But you have to know your options and possess the skills necessary to spend "smart". That's where this article series comes in. It provides you with the know how for making informed decisions when spending your hard-earned money! Click here to return to the main Money Express page.

Managing Your Money:


Other Stuff:

Smart Spending: Needs vs. Wants

Fixed and Variable Expenses

Budgeting: A Plan for All Seasons

Keeping Score of Your Credit Score

Look Out for Sharks: Payday Loans

Credit Cards: Say "Charge it!"

Debit and ATM Cards: Plastic or Paper?

Loans, Loans, Loans: The Lowdown on Types of Loans

Charities: Lead with your Head

Thieves Want Your Number:  Avoiding Identity Theft

Paying for College: Scholarships and Financial Aid