General Concepts

All Aboard! No matter your age or background, without understanding general financial concepts, you will never truly be in control of your financial life. So don't be shy! Just dive right in and take charge! Click here to return to the main Money Express page.

Glossary of Terms

Fun Stuff:

The Basics:

Banking Basics:

The Story of Money

Money Makes the World Go Around

Printing Dough: How Money is Made

Counterfeit Money is Funny Money

What's the Fed, Anyway?

Verrry "Interest"ing

What You Owe & Own Adds Up

Stocks - Owning a Piece of the Action

Reading the Stock Market Page

The Bottom Line: Revenue, Expenses and Profit

Better Than a Mattress: Where to Do Your Banking

CheckMate: Your Checking Account

Pay Attention to Paying Interest

Saving for a Rainy Day

Comparing the Cost of Loans (Rates, APRs, etc.)

Time Value of Money - A Bird in the Hand…