Several features of the Fuze Suite were developed specifically in conjunction with our credit union clients to make it easier for credit unions to better educate and serve their members. These features include our 2-way secure communications, personal finance knowledge packs and calculators, template process that customizes the categories and content pre-built into every credit union site, and a getting started guide designed specifically for our credit union clients. 

A side benefit of providing outstanding member service and ensuring that members are educated and in control of their financial well-being is increased loyalty and greater product and services usage. However, unlike CRM applications, the Fuze Suite is not focused on directly increasing sales -- a good thing, we think, and a philosophy that is sure to be embraced by your members.

Presentation by Tony Hildesheim, formerly with Washington State Employees Credit Union, on their selection process, how the Fuze Suite is being used, and helpful advice  for you

Credit unions often enjoy member loyalty that is the envy of many financial institutions. However, member loyalty must be earned every day or it can quickly be lost. With that in mind, FuzeDigital is committed to continually evolve our technology based on member and credit union feedback to ensure that we extend an offering that consistently builds loyalty and allows you to become closer to the needs of each individual member.

Credit unions and their members will always be a driving influence on the evolution of the Fuze Suite. However, an important differentiator is the adoption of our robust and intuitive software suite by companies of all sizes outside  of the credit union movement.  Our broad customer base shares many similar objectives -- the most important being the perpetual drive for outstanding consumer service.

Examples of credit union sites using the Fuze Suite:

     Bellco Credit Union See "Answer Center" on right. See video case study of their use of the secure inbox

Advantis Credit Union   See "Search or Ask a Question"

WrightPatt Credit Union  See "Help" link in bottom navigation.