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  • 1. What are health savings accounts? Views: 93 Public
    Terms of Use A Health Savings Account or HSA is a way to save for health care costs while also reducing your taxable income. HSA contributions are made before your income is taxed, and you don’t pay taxes on the account’s growth. When you make withdrawals for eligible expenses, you don’t pay tax on that money either. Think of an HSA like a savings product that offers you a way to pay for your health care expenses and save for future qualified medical and retiree health ex  More...
  • 2. What things should I consider when buying auto insurance? Views: 87 Public
    Terms of Use There are five main considerations you need to take into account when picking an auto insurance company. Insurer financial stability Make sure that the company you buy from is financially stable so you know they will be around to pay any claims. The following companies rate insurance company strength: A.M. Best Company, Inc. Ambest Rd. Oldwick, NJ 08858 908-439-2200 http://www.ambest.com Moody’s Investor Services 99 Church Street New York, NY 10007 212-553-0300 http://ww  More...
  • 3. How do I open an HSA account? Views: 86 Public
    The ability to open an HSA has never been easier. Our step-by-step questionnaire guides you through the entire opening process; including how to print your forms and where to send them when you are done. If you don't have the time to complete this now, you can request an HSA Kit by mail and we will send a complete HSA opening kit. You can also stop by one of our Financial Center locations and a representative would be happy to help you open your HSA account.
  • 4. Can I legally drive without auto insurance? Views: 83 Public
    Terms of Use NO! Almost every state requires you to have auto liability insurance. All states also have financial responsibility laws. This means that even in a state that does not require liability insurance, you need to have sufficient assets to pay claims if you cause an accident. If you don’t have enough assets, you must purchase at least the state minimum amount of insurance. Trying to see how little you can get by with can be very shortsighted and dangerous.
  • 5. Quick Cost Cutting: Homeowners Insurance Views: 82 Public
    Terms of Use Things to consider when looking to cut costs on your homeowners insurance: Deductible The first place to start is to consider your deductible. You can save up to 25 percent by simply bumping up the deductible on your homeowners policy from $500 to $1,000. Usually, you won't file a claim unless there's a large damage, so anything less than $1,000 wouldn't be turned over to your insurance anyway. Multiple Policy Discount If you combine your homeowners policy with at  More...
  • 6. What things can I do to reduce my auto insurance costs? Views: 82 Public
    Terms of Use You may not realize it, but the insurance rates you pay for your car can vary dramatically depending on the insurance company, agent or broker you choose, the coverages you request and the kind of car you drive. Listed below are a number of things you can do right now to lower your insurance costs. 1. COMPARISON SHOP . Prices for the same coverage can vary by hundreds of dollars, so it pays to shop around. Ask your friends, check the yellow pages or call your state insurance   More...
  • 7. Saving money on health care Views: 79 Public
    Terms of Use It's estimated that each year on average Americans spend roughly $8,000 per person on health care. Without putting your health on the line, it's good to know where you can reduce medical costs: 1. Generic drugs: Always ask whether the prescription drug your doctor recommends is available in a generic form. Generic drugs can cost 15-50 percent less than name brands, saving you and your insurance company money. 2. Avoid unnecessary tests and visits . If you move or cha  More...
  • 8. How much auto insurance do I need? Views: 72 Public
    Terms of Use Almost every state requires you to buy a minimum amount of liability coverage. Chances are that you will need more liability insurance than the state requires because accidents cost more than the minimum limits defined by each state. If you’re found legally responsible for damages that are more than your insurance covers, you will have to pay the difference out of your own pocket. These costs could literally wipe you out financially! The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.  More...
  • 9. Is it a good idea to buy credit insurance? Views: 70 Public
    Terms of Use: It is almost always better to insure yourself against income loss or death by purchasing regular life or disability insurance instead of credit insurance . When you finance cars, consumer goods, mobile home sales, and residential mortgages, salespeople may try to sell you four types of credit insurance: • credit property: insures against damage or loss to whatever item secures the loan • credit life: pays the loan balance in case of death • credit disability/accident and heal  More...
  • 10. Is a divorced spouse entitled to COBRA coverage from their former spouses’ group health plan? Views: 69 Public
    Terms of Use: Under COBRA, participants, covered spouses and dependent children may continue their plan coverage for a limited time when they would otherwise lose coverage due to a particular event, such as divorce (or legal separation). A covered employee’s spouse who would lose coverage due to a divorce may elect continuation coverage under the plan for a maximum of 36 months. A qualified beneficiary must notify the plan administrator of a qualifying event within 60 days after divorce or legal  More...

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