To create a savings goal, begin by logging into Online Banking and clicking the Savings Goals widget (button).

(If you don’t see the Savings Goals widget, click the More icon, then click Widget Options. Find the Savings Goals widget from the Available list and click Add to see it on your Dashboard.)

Once you are in the Savings Goals widget:
  1. Click the New Goal button.
  2. Name your savings goal, link it to a category, and add an amount.
  3. Add your target completion date. The system will automatically calculate the average amount you need to save each month to hit your goal.
  4. Click the Save Goal button.
Now that you have added your savings goal, you will see a progress bar informing you how close you are to meeting your goal. You can also rank your savings goals in the order of importance to you and move money between accounts to further your progress. You can also set alerts regarding your savings goal and have them sent to you via email or text. All alerts and savings goals can be edited and deleted from the Settings tab.

See the Savings Goals video in our Online Banking Resource Center to learn more about this tool.