Advantis provides free notary services for our members.  We do not offer notary services to non-members.  Under most circumstances, each branch location should have at least one notary available during business hours.  Please bring the document to be notarized and your current, unexpired government issued photo identification.

There are some limitations to the types of documents we notarize. We do not provide notary service for:
  • Medical directives such as: Advance Directive, Medical Powers of Attorney, or Personal Health Representative.
  • Public records copies such as: birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate.  Please refer to the issuing authority (usually the county) for additional copies.
  • Documents that require witnesses in addition to the notarization.  Neither the notary, nor other branch staff, can act as witnesses.
  • A notary public is not  required to notarize.  The individual notary public reserves the right to turn away a notary request at their discretion, based on guidance from the Oregon Secretary of State - Corporation Division.
Note: The individual notary public has some discretion to make an exception, when all parties involved are known to them.