You may cash in your Certificate of Deposit (CD) early but you will have to pay an early withdrawal penalty shown here:

CD Term (maturity date) Penalty for withdrawing before the end of the term:
6 months 90 days of interest
greater than 6 months to 2 years 180 days of interest
3 years 270 days of interest

As an option to closing your CD you can also:

  • withdraw part of your funds; you will only pay penalty on the amount you are withdrawing
  • withdraw the interest you already earned on your CD and pay no penalty on the interest

In certain circumstances we may allow the CD to close before maturity without incurring an early withdrawal penalty (such as after a death or other extenuating circumstances).  Please call us at (503) 785-2528 or (800) 547 -5532 or visit a branch to discuss your situation.