If you have a pop-up blocker, please disable it and try the TripTik® Travel Planner again. If it still will not allow you to print, a security program may be preventing the pop-up/print window from opening. Some security programs (like Norton Internet Security) may prevent parts of Internet TripTik from opening even when the program is in the "Disabled" status.

Please move the mouse pointer over the small icons running on the taskbar next to the PC clock. Read the program name that appears as the mouse sits over the icon. If it sounds like a security program, right click and choose exit or disable.

Re-try the application. If it still fails or the program is Norton, it will need to be completely stopped. Double click on that same small icon next to the PC clock to open the program window. There should be an option to stop or exit the security program. Once the small icon disappears from the taskbar the TripTik® Routing should print with no problems.

A reboot will restore/restart all the security programs.

Another fix is to add the domain "aaa.com" as a trusted or allowed site. The help function within the security program should contain information on how to accomplish this.

If the issue still continues, click on the e-mail button in the application and e-mail the complete routing to yourself. From the e-mail, you can open the pdf file and print from there.