The following motor vehicles are eligible for service, provided they qualify for highway registration and are not loaded, altered or constructed in such a way as to cause damage or create a hazard when being serviced:
  • Automobiles, pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, minivans and light-utility motor vehicles (including rented and commercial passenger vehicles, but excluding taxicabs, limousines, shuttles, and other vehicles-for-hire) are eligible for those services which can be safely performed with equipment available from the independent service provider.
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are eligible for service with the exception of towing, extrication/winching and tire change service. Towing and tire change service for RVs is available with Optional RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance. RVs include: (i) motor vehicles used for recreational purposes, such as motor homes, camper vans and cab-over campers, and recreational trailers including camping trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and empty horse trailers, (ii) boat trailers, personal watercraft trailers and ATV trailers, either empty or transporting recreational vehicles or equipment, and (iii) utility trailers carrying recreational equipment (for non-commercial use). Commercial trailers are excluded. Service does not include transportation for horses.
  • Motorcycles are eligible only for the delivery of fuel and locksmith services. Towing service for motorcycles is available with Optional RV and Motorcycle Roadside Assistance.