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  • 1. What is the difference between Basic, Plus and Premier memberships? Views: 1242 Public
    The biggest difference is in the towing Emergency Roadside Assistance benefit. For more detailed information please see the member handbook or compare membership plans side-by-side. Basic Membership Provides 4 service calls per membership year. Free towing from the scene of your disablement of up to 5 miles of free towing in any direction. If you wish to be towed to your favorite mechanic - and he is located more than 5 miles from the breakdown - mileage charges may apply. Plus Membership Provid  More...
  • 2. Can I join AAA today and immediately request emergency roadside assistance, or is there a waiting period? Views: 654 Public
    Your AAA membership is active as soon as payment is received.
  • 3. What is the difference between Primary members and Associate members? Do they receive the same benefits? Views: 430 Public
    Associate members receive the same benefits as the primary member. Primary Member The Primary Member is the first person in the household to join AAA. Only Primary members can make changes to a membership. Associate Members Associate Members are a spouse/partner, dependent child up to age 25 who reside in the same household or away at school.
  • 4. How many cars are covered with my AAA membership? Views: 417 Public
    Your AAA membership covers you , regardless of what car you are in. You can receive Emergency Roadside Assistance in any vehicle you are driving or riding in as long as that type of vehicle is covered. For example, if you are riding in a friend's car and it breaks down, you are covered. Because we cover people, not cars , other family members are not covered when they are driving your car. If they aren't members of AAA, they can't get any service even in a member's vehicle. To e  More...
  • 5. What is an Associate member? Views: 261 Public
    Associate members receive the same services and benefits as, and reside within the same household as, the Primary member. Individuals Eligible for Associate Memberships Spouse or partner of the Primary member Dependent children, age 16-25, who reside in the household or who are away at school Extended family members who reside in the same household Associate members cannot make changes to a membership; only the Primary can authorize any changes.
  • 6. What is AAA Plus and how do I upgrade my membership to AAA Plus? Views: 200 Public
    AAA Plus® entitles the Primary member to receive enhanced Basic services, a broader range of emergency road services and a more advanced level of personal protection programs. Get all the details about AAA Basic, Plus and Premier Memberships . You can upgrade your AAA membership by going to Manage My Membership .
  • 7. Does AAA membership include trip interruption protection? Views: 131 Public
    Yes, AAA membership includes trip interruption protection benefits. For full details, please see the Automotive Benefits and Services section of the AAA Member Handbook .
  • 8. How do I give AAA to someone else as a gift? Views: 84 Public


  • 9. How much does it cost to join AAA? Views: 78 Public
    AAA offers membership cost options to suit your needs: Compare Membership Plans - compare our membership plan levels Military Discount - AAA Minneapolis offers a membership discount to service members Gift Membership - Give a gift membership Switch to Sprint and Save - Special membership offer from Sprint and AAA
  • 10. Can I join AAA online? Views: 51 Public
    It's easy! Join today through our online membership system. Existing AAA members can renew online .
  • 11. Do you offer plans for company cars? Views: 48 Public
    AAA memberships cover the member - not the vehicle. Membership plans are not available for company fleets used for business. AAA Members are covered in any vehicle.* If you are interested in corporate membership plan options for your employees, see our Corporate/Group Membership information. *Roadside Assistance benefits apply to four-wheel, motor-driven passenger, pleasure or recreational-type vehicles (vans, campers, and motor homes) provided services can be safely delivered. Altered vehicles   More...
  • 12. What is the Sprint offer for AAA members? Views: 42 Public
    Free AAA Basic Membership Renewal Sprint will pay your annual renewal fees for AAA Basic membership as long as one line on your Sprint account has the Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Premium price plan. Sprint will only begin paying your Basic membership renewal after you have paid your first year membership fee. AAA members also enjoy 25% off most Sprint accessories (excludes all Apple and Beats branded accessories, smart watches and other select iconic/top‐selling device accessories). AAA Plus, P  More...
  • 13. Does AAA offer a discount on membership for veterans or active duty military? Views: 40 Public
    AAA Minneapolis offers a military discount to all active duty servicemen and women in the U.S. Military, Reserves, and National Guard. Only active duty service members are eligible for the military discount (veterans are not eligible). See our other Special Membership Offers .
  • 14. Can I add/include an adult family member on my plan? Views: 37 Public
    If you have an adult family member living in your household , such as a parent, grandparent, or other extended family member, you can add them as an associate to your membership plan. If they do not live in the same household, consider giving them a gift AAA membership .
  • 15. I had a membership, but it expired. Do I need a new membership, or can I renew my existing account? Views: 28 Public
    If your membership has expired/lapsed, you can still renew with your existing membership number . Enrollment fees may apply. If you don't know your membership number, please Contact AAA Membership .
  • 16. Does AAA offer a student discount? Views: 25 Public
    AAA Minneapolis does not offer a student discount on memberships. See our current Membership Offers , or give a Gift Membership .
  • 17. My membership is in cancelled status. How do I get a current AAA membership? Views: 5 Public
    If you had a AAA membership in the past, we will reinstate your membership with the same membership number. Contact Membership Services online or call 952-927-2727 .